Ahead of November Elections, New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support Among Voters for Ballot Measure 2

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A new poll released this week by the Alaskans for Better Elections campaign shows that a solid majority of Alaskans support the election reforms contained in Ballot Measure 2. 

The new survey looks at the level of support for each of the key components of Ballot Measure 2, including ranked choice voting, campaign finance reform, and open primaries. The online survey of 803 likely voters was conducted between September 22-27. 

Key findings from the poll include:

  • Alaskans support Ballot Measure 2 by a 59 percent to 17 percent margin with 24 percent of voters undecided.
  • Supporters of the measure outnumber opponents among every subgroup, including men, women, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, youth, seniors, college graduates, non-college graduates, whites, non-whites, Biden voters, Trump voters, low, middle and high income. 

Participants were read the ballot measure language and asked the following questions on how they would vote if the election was held today. The tabulated results from the survey are provided below broken down by education, race, 2020 presidential preference, and annual income.

Alaskans from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and political inclinations support Ballot Measure 2 and better elections.

The survey shows that, despite claims to the contrary by opponents of better elections, Ballot Measure 2 is broadly supported by voters. 

Ballot Measure 2 would improve Alaska’s elections by creating a single unified primary ballot open to all voters, eliminating dark money in campaign financing, and instituting ranked choice voting in general elections. Together, these common-sense updates to Alaska’s elections will give voters more voice, more choice, and more power.

The full polling memo can be found here