APOC Staff Investigation Reveals Alaska Policy Forum Broke Campaign Disclosure Laws While Opposing Ballot Measure 2

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Group funded by Dark Money attempted to skirt disclosure and registration requirements

A newly-released staff report by the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) finds that the Alaska Policy Forum broke campaign disclosure laws while supporting the “No on 2” campaign.  

Alaska law requires groups to register with APOC before making any expenditure for or against a ballot measure. Alaska Policy Forum faces thousands of dollars in fines for failing to register with APOC and misrepresenting its electioneering efforts – including misleading voters about the source of its funding – after APOC staff determined the group did seek to persuade voters to oppose Ballot Measure 2 prior to registering.  

Yes on 2 for Better Elections has repeatedly raised concerns about Alaska Policy Forum and Defend Alaska Elections’ efforts to mislead voters and hide their funding sources. Alaska Policy Forum continues to violate the state law designed to promote transparency by failing to disclose its contributors. Defend Alaska Elections, a separate opposition group that nonetheless has close ties to Alaska Policy Forum, has itself already been found guilty of violating APOC rules.

It’s an unfortunate reality of Alaska politics today that Ballot Measure 2’s provisions – designed to give voters more visibility into who is trying to influence our elections – are being undermined by the political elites who benefit from keeping their special interest backers hidden from voters.  

To read the APOC staff report, click here. For more information on the APOC staff report, please contact Sam Gottstein at SGottstein@hwb-law.com or (907) 274-0666.