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OPINION: Ranked-choice voting: Will Alaska follow Maine’s lead?

By Peter Brann

(January 23, 2020) For many years, Maine’s gubernatorial election was held in the September of presidential election years. That made it a bellwether for the subsequent presidential election two months later, leading to the phrase, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.”

Maine no longer conducts its gubernatorial election in September or even in presidential years. But Maine has taken the lead in a new way. In 2018, Maine became the first state in the country to conduct…..

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IVN – 6 Big Fights Against Voter Suppression That Neither Party Wants You To Know About

By Shane Griffiths

(August 21, 2019) There is one important truth about the state of US politics, and that is an increasing number of Americans understand that the system is rigged to put the interests of two private political parties and special interests first.

The political establishment knows it. The media knows it. But, they don’t want the people to know it. 

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ADN – New ballot initiative seeks to change state elections

(July 4, 2019) JUNEAU — A new three-part ballot initiative filed Wednesday with the state Division of Elections seeks to change Alaska’s election system and eliminate so-called “dark money” contributions in political campaigns.

Under the new “ranked-choice” voting system, Alaskans would be able to state their preference for multiple candidates — ranking them in order, 1-2-3-4 — instead of choosing only one preferred candidate.

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