Bipartisan Legislators for Better Elections

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A bipartisan group of Alaska and national policymakers discuss the tangible benefits and better governance that result when elected officials put voters over parties and seek common ground to solve challenges. Watch the webinar on Facebook here, or see the video embed below. This webinar was recorded September 9th. The webinar was hosted by Alaskans For Better Elections, sponsors of …

Event Recap: Better Elections hosted by Commonwealth North

alaskans Event Recap, Videos

Watch Alaskans for Better Elections’ Yes on 2 legal counsel, Scott Kendall, and Alaska attorney Chad Hutchison discuss election reform with political innovation and business leader Katherine M. Gehl, August 26 (hosted by Commonwealth North). Learn more about the featured speaker: Katherine M. Gehl, author of The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy.