Halftime Report on Ballot Measure 2 — 45 Percent of Known Ballots Still to be Counted

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The Alaska Division of Elections has ballots — including early, questioned and absentee ballots — that must still be counted before the actual results of the General Election can be known. The Division will begin the process of counting the remaining ballots tomorrow, November 10. 

“All the votes have been cast, but this race isn’t over. The Division of Elections has only tabulated about half of the known ballots,” said Scott Kendall, legal counsel for Yes on 2 for Better Election. “We’re eagerly awaiting the results of more than 157,209 outstanding ballots – about 45 percent of all ballots.” 

“This election is very different from past elections, both because nearly half of the ballots are yet to be counted and because historic numbers of Alaskans chose to vote early or by mail due to COVID-19,” Kendall added.  

The Yes on 2 team is committed to election integrity and appreciates the continued commitment of the Alaska Division of Elections to ensure the process is transparent and secure. 

“Looking at Ballot Measure 2’s numbers and our position relative to other races, the Yes on 2 team is cautiously optimistic about the ultimate outcome once the outstanding ballots are counted. We appreciate the incredible support Ballot Measure 2 has already received. Alaskans are sending a clear message that election reform is important for the future health of our democracy and our state,” said Shea Siegert, Campaign Manager of Yes on 2 for Better Elections. 

157,209 is the total so far of uncounted ballots: this is all absentee (193,477) minus those counted on election night (36,268), per Division of Elections. There have been 192,918 votes tallied as of November 6.