Have You Heard What They’re Saying In Fairbanks About Ballot Measure 2?

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The Yes on 2 for Better Elections campaign hosted a virtual meet and greet with Ballot Measure 2 supporters from the Fairbanks area. Regional leaders shared why they believe better government starts with better elections and why they’re voting Yes on Ballot Measure 2. Watch the webinar.

Karl Kassel | Former Fairbanks North Slope Borough Mayor; Yes on 2 Steering Committee member

“Ballot Measure 2 is long overdue and I have pretty strong feelings about its importance–especially the part about transparency regarding financial contributions. This is a real big deal to me. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the Yes on 2 for Better Elections Steering Committee. This is something that has been on my agenda forever.” said Karl Kassel, former mayor. “The public deserves completely accurate and factual data. And when that’s provided, citizens tend to support good decisions and quality officials. And we need more of that. Ballot Measure 2 provides more transparency, especially in one of the most vital areas– money and influence.”

Joy Huntington | President of Uqaqti Consulting

“We are not electing enough candidates that can really truly represent the needs and interests of people of color, which is a very important part of our state – culturally, economically and politically… I think we have a lot of room for more inclusion in our state, and more participation at the voter level. Ballot Measure 2 really does empower voters.”

Jeff King | Winner of the Yukon Quest and champion of four Iditarods

“I am completely frustrated with having to choose between a Democratic and Republican primary. I want to see my candidates all on the same page, and I would like to rank them accordingly. We deserve to know where the money is coming from, especially the big funds that are getting people into office. The only criticism I’ve heard about this ballot measure is that it has too many parts, and I totally disagree–I like the idea that we are going to take care of several parts by passing this ballot measure.”

Kate Wool | Photographer, digital creator and mother

“I believe that ranked-choice voting can help grow new and emerging parties, enable us to move away from the two-party system and encourage multiple parties with multiple platforms. With Ballot Measure 2, campaign spending will be more transparent too.”

Co-hosts of the event included: Rob Borland, Aurora Bowers, Mark Drygas, Scott Eickholt, Jimmy Fox, Carolyn Gray, Don Gray, Jack Herbert, Dominic Lozano, Frank Maxwell, Karl Monetti, Dave Monson, Evon Peter, Brenda Riley, Dorothy Shockley, Michael Walleri, Kelly Ward, and Adam Wool.