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Ballot Measure 2

Our Endorsement: Yes

Ballot Measure 2 is a fantastic idea. Not because it will give independent and weird party candidates a little bit of a chance to win elections, and not because it will get ‘dark money’ out of elections — a cute fantasy — but because it will make elections in Alaska so much more interesting and less painful to try to follow.

Alaska is a very polarized state between Red and Blue areas and this makes its general elections incredibly boring and keeps turnout unsurprisingly low. 

But that doesn’t mean primary elections in Alaska are any better. No, in fact it makes them cannibal feeding frenzies, the kind we saw this August when the Republican Party exploded insanity all over itself by running Tea Party whack jobs against their own experienced, established, incumbent candidates.

Each of these targeted, presumably capable statesmen and stateswomen went down in flames. You might think, ‘well, at least if you take the established name out of a race, at least the Democrats can come in and claim victories in the general.’

Wrong. Alaska is so polarized, anyone who wins the Republican Primary in a red district will win the general election, no matter how perfect a candidate the Democrat or Independent might be. As a result, we’re going to send a whole slew of these Tea Partiers and QAnoners to Juneau, where Gov. Dunleavy will have no problem adding them into his army of useful orcs.

Only Ballot Measure 2 can save us from these kinds of misadventures in anarchy.