League of Women Voters of Alaska Supports Ballot Measure 2

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The League of Women Voters of Alaska announced their support of the three election reforms proposed by Ballot Measure 2. To improve Alaska’s elections, Ballot Measure 2 would create a single unified primary ballot open to all voters, eliminate Dark Money in campaign financing, and institute ranked choice voting in general elections. Together, these common-sense updates to Alaska’s elections will give voters more voice, more choice, more power, and better representation from our elected government officials.

“Since its founding in 1920, the League of Women Voters has been the gold standard for electoral policies and reforms which promote a more transparent and fair democratic system. They carefully and thoughtfully consider all of the implications of proposed electoral issues before committing their strong, nonpartisan voice. The Yes on 2 for Better Elections campaign is excited that the League of Women Voters of Alaska’s review finds that Ballot Measure 2 is a strong benefit in the fight for better representation of all Alaska’s diverse communities. Thank you to the Alaska chapter of LWV for supporting Ballot Measure 2 and encouraging all Alaskans to Vote Yes on 2 on November 3rd!” said Shea Siegert, campaign manager for Yes on 2 for Better Elections.

The League of Women Voters of Alaska issued their statement of support on Sunday saying: “The League of Women Voters of Alaska supports Ballot Measure 2 and we encourage Alaskans to vote Yes on 2 this November.”

They continued, “Election system reform in Alaska has the potential to create more authentic representation among our diverse communities and to break through the barriers holding back women, people of color, young people, and other historically marginalized groups from getting involved in politics. Our current election system limits competition, making it difficult for challengers to win. Better government and public policy depends upon elected officials who lead from values, are willing to work together and explore options, and truly understand the unique needs of the communities they represent.

Ballot Measure 2 will ensure that voters are empowered with more choices on Election Day – both by creating a single unified primary ballot open to all voters, regardless of party affiliation, and by instituting ranked choice voting in general elections. In addition, Ballot Measure 2 will improve campaign finance transparency and the integrity of our electoral process by requiring the true identity of those backing and influencing political candidates, thanks to stricter reporting requirements for large campaign contributions. 

Our review of these three election reforms offered by Ballot Measure 2 determined that the initiative advances the goals of the League of Women Voters and meets all eight criteria for assessing whether a proposed electoral reform should be endorsed by local chapters. Specifically, Ballot Measure 2 aligns well with the League’s support for electoral methods that do the following:

  • Encourage voter participation and voter engagement; 
  • Encourage those with minority opinions to participate, including under-represented communities; 
  • Are verifiable and auditable; 
  • Promote access to voting; 
  • Maximize effective votes/minimize wasted votes; 
  • Promote sincere voting over strategic voting; 
  • Implement alternatives to plurality voting; and
  • Are compatible with acceptable ballot-casting methods, including vote-by-mail.”