Letter: Election transparency

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In Alaska, more than $15.7 million in dark money was spent on elections from 2014-2018. More than $10 million has already been spent this year on a single race (the Senate race), much of it hidden from us. This means the special interest groups are loud. They are practically shouting at us about which old out-of-touch-guy to pick from our TV, the radio, YouTube, every social media platform, and in the mail.

As much as I’m tired of hearing from the deluge of party insiders pushing their favorite cardboard cut-out of a candidate, there is one thing I’m actually looking forward to voting for this November. I’m voting yes on Ballot Measure 2.

It wouldn’t do away with the loud and stupid ads we’re forced to endure every election cycle, but it will stop them from hiding their donors. I know we’re in a constant cycle of news chaos, but remember just a few weeks ago, when those Pebble tapes came out? The CEO bragging about the special access he has from funneling money to politicians, and how it was only a problem once that was public?

Politics are supposed to be public, especially the money that comes with implicit and very real strings attached. This is why we have sunshine laws, the Open Meetings Act, and should pass Ballot Measure 2. I deserve to know who thinks they own a candidate, and so do you.

— Tim Lucason