Letter: Make your vote matter

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Who do you think wants your vote to matter, the League of Women Voters of Alaska (LWV) or Americans for Prosperity (AFP)? The LWV is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to informing Alaskan voters and encouraging voter participation. AFP is the dark-money vehicle of the infamous Koch brothers.

LWV supports Ballot Measure 2. AFP doesn’t. Opponents to Ballot Measure 2 got called out for violating election rules and covering up the fact that the Koch-backed dark money group is one of three top contributors to their side.

Why would the Koch brothers care that Alaskans want to strip big campaign donors of their anonymity, open party primaries and encourage voter participation? It’s because the Koch brothers have a big stake in Alaska remaining a colony of the oil and gas, mining and forestry products industries.

Alaska has the highest percentage of registered undeclared and nonpartisan voters of any state in the country. Before closed primaries and dark money, it didn’t matter so much what party a candidate claimed. That’s when we elected people like Jay Hammond and many others who worked across party lines for all of us. Vote “yes” on Ballot Measure 2.

Kathryn Carssow