Letter: Yes on ballot measures

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The trauma of politics statewide, nationally and even in small towns, has both sides and the middle fearing that every time somebody else is elected, the winners will take all. That has got to change. And it can, at least here in Alaska, because we all love this land and the wild country, and basically want the same things in life. Like enough money to be comfortable, to be safe and respected, and not to have to sell everything if someone gets sick in order to the pay the bills. A better way forward begins with voting “yes” on Ballot Measures 1 and 2.

Ballot Measure 1 will make sure that we get a fair share of our oil wealth, rather than continue to favor the richest companies in the world. It will help provide services Alaskans want and need. Ballot Measure 2 may keep us from getting into this mess again. It will help make politicians more accountable to all of us, not just party leaders and outside funders, by implementing three related changes to our state’s elections system: ending dark money in campaigns, re-establishing open primaries, and allowing for ranked-choice voting.

Please consider joining me, and many other Alaskans of all persuasions, in voting yes on both ballot measures.

Heather Lende