Vote Yes on 2 Launch Ads Highlighting Benefits of Electoral Reforms

ANCHORAGE – The Yes On 2 For Better Elections campaign is launching a series of online digital ads highlighting the benefits of updating the state’s electoral process to ensure voters have a greater role in deciding Alaska’s future. 

The ads include 15-second videos (video one, video two) on social media, Google and other online sites, and a longer video on the Alaskans For Better Elections website introducing voters to the commonsense electoral reforms that will appear on the November 3rd general election ballot. Ballot Measure 2 combines three separate election reforms to ensure voters have more voice, choice and power in Alaska’s elections, including: 

  • Require More Transparent Campaign Finance Disclosures – Prohibits “Dark Money” by requiring disclosure of the true source of contributions to a candidate by an Independent Expenditure group. Donors and recipients would be required to disclose to the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) any contribution greater than $2,000 within 24 hours. Any group getting more than 50 percent of its funding from Outside must declare that on all campaign communications.
  • Create a Single Primary Ballot – All candidates, regardless of party affiliation, would appear on a single primary ballot with the top four vote-getters advancing to the general election. The change would permanently restore the right of all Alaskans, including the more than 60% who choose not to join a major party, to fully participate in the primaries. The adjustment would reduce state spending on partisan elections, simplify the election process, and give every voter more choice at the ballot box. 
  • Implement Ranked-Choice Voting in General Elections – Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank candidates in order of their preference. This simple change allows voters to support the candidate that best represents their interests without worrying about splitting the vote and helping elect a candidate they like the least. 

Alaskans deserve elected officials who are responsive to their needs and can work together to build a better future for Alaska. Ballot Measure 2 provides every Alaskan with an opportunity to be heard, regardless of their party affiliation. It protects the integrity and fairness of our elections by shining a light on the use of dark money by special interests and ensures voters have more choices when they enter into the voting booth. 


Alaskans for Better Elections is a ballot committee dedicated to returning the power of elections to Alaskan voters and to make our elections more open, transparent, and fair.

This communication was paid for by Yes on 2 for Better Elections, PO Box 210295, Anchorage, Alaska 99521. Jason Grenn, Chair, approved this message. The Top 3 contributors are Unite America, Denver, CO; Action Now Initiative, Houston, TX; Represent.Us, Florence, MA.

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