Watch: Election reform supporters and opponents debate Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2

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This week, the University of Alaska Anchorage held a debate on Ballot Measure 2, which voters will decide in the Nov. 3 election. The ballot measure would change Alaska’s election laws to end partisan primaries, introduce ranked-choice voting and expand disclosure requirements for campaign contributions.

Watch the debate below:

Scott Kendall, chair of Yes on 2 for Better Elections, and former state Sen. Lesil McGuire represented the ballot measure’s proponents.

Brett Huber of Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2 and Leighan Gonzales of the Protect Our Elections – No on 2 campaign represented the ballot measure’s opponents.

The debate took place Tuesday, Oct. 20 and was streamed on Facebook Live. It was hosted by UAA Student Life & Leadership, the Seawolf debate team, the UAA Votes project and the Anchorage Daily News. Steve Johnson, director of the Seawolf debate program, moderated. Daily News reporter James Brooks and opinions editor Tom Hewitt participated to ask questions of the two sides.