Yes on 2 Releases New TV and Radio Spots

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The Yes on 2 for Better Elections campaign this week launched a new pair of ads highlighting the benefits of updating Alaska’s election system. The advertisements, one each on TV and radio, both focus on how reform would contribute to a better future for Alaska by returning power to the voters. 

The new television spot, titled “Collage,” opens by asking viewers whether they are fed up with politicians in Juneau who can’t balance the budget or come up with a solution to the many challenges facing Alaska residents. “Unfortunately, for more and more voters, the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes,’” said Stacey Lucason, Deputy Campaign Manager for Yes on 2.

Check out the TV spot, “Collage.” 

The spot goes on to list the ways Ballot Measure 2 would empower voters and make sure their voices are heard—from eliminating the unseen influence of dark money spending to offering voters more candidates to choose from through open primaries and ranked choice voting. 

Supporters of the election reforms contained in Ballot Measure 2 also released a new radio ad this week, appropriately entitled “Ordinary People.” 

The spot draws a sharp contrast between the “party bosses, professional politicians—all the people who’ve been profiting for years from Alaska’s partisan elections”—and the everyday Alaskans who are backing common sense changes to the state’s current election system.

Click to listen to “Ordinary People.”

Alaska has more nonpartisan voters than any other state, so what could be more Alaskan than opening up the state’s primary elections to all voters—including the “60 percent of us who are neither Democrat nor Republican.” 

Campaign Manager Shea Siegert agrees. “When we see who’s speaking out against reform, they are all people who currently benefit from the status quo. Our supporters are overwhelmingly real Alaskans who just want to have their voices heard and ensure their political leaders are working for them—not special interests.  

Some of the real people featured in the radio ad include Penny Gage from Sitka, Ben Kellie from Anchorage, and Tonya Limb, a middle school civics teacher from Eagle River. As Limb says at the conclusion of the spot, “I’ve always taught my kids that every vote counts. Ballot Measure 2 will help us keep that promise.”