Alaskans for Better Elections

In November 2020, Alaskans approved a ballot measure that ensures Alaska’s future elections put voters first. The voter-approved law takes effect in 2022, requiring Alaska-style elections that give voters more choice, more voice and more power.

The nonpartisan Alaskans for Better Elections Foundation is dedicated to providing public education and research about how Alaska-style elections work. The foundation is governed by a board of directors that includes Alaskans with diverse political views from every corner of the state.


Ranked Choice Voting

Gives voters the option to rank candidates in the general election in order of preference. Ranked choice voting is a simple reform that gives Alaskans more choice and more power on Election Day.

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Dark Money

Protects the integrity and fairness of our elections by shining a light on secret “Dark Money” spending on campaigns.

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Open Primaries

Permanently opens Alaska's primaries to the more than 60% of Alaska's registered voters who don't want to have to join a particular political party to have their voices heard.

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"More choice, more voice, and more power to voters. We all want a brighter future for Alaska. Our new 'Alaska Style Elections' will change how we elect our leaders and can encourage politicians — regardless of party — to work together on solutions that represent the will of the people. After all, elections are for voters, not politicians."

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Join us in supporting more fair and transparent elections. From donations to volunteering, you can be a part of returning the power of elections to the people.

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