Alaska Supreme Court Rules Better Elections Initiative is Constitutional

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Alaska Supreme Court Rules Better Elections Initiative is Constitutional Ballot Measure 2 will appear before voters in November ANCHORAGE (Friday, June 12, 2020) – Ballot Measure 2 has been cleared to appear on the November ballot after the Alaska Supreme Court today ruled unanimously that the initiative meets all constitutional requirements. The initiative would give more voice, choice, and power …

Alaskans for Better Elections Announces Campaign Team

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ANCHORAGE (May 11, 2020) – The Alaskans for Better Elections committee is excited to announce their fully Alaskan campaign team. Stacey Lucason, Matthew Farina, and Jackson Blackwell have joined the team dedicated to strengthening the voice, choice, and integrity in our elections system.  Stacey Lucason, a lifelong Alaskan, will serve as Deputy Campaign Manager for the campaign. Stacey has extensive …

How ranked-choice voting could restore the concept of majority rule

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By Jay Woodruff (April 28, 2020) Two of the last five presidential elections were won by candidates who did not win majority support. Meanwhile, congressional candidates have been winning primaries with as little as 21% of the popular vote. For a democracy founded on the principle of majority rule, this is a problem. Read more at Fast Company.

Alaskans for Better Elections Makes Case to Supreme Court

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ANCHORAGE (February 19, 2020) – Advocates of more fair and transparent elections in Alaska urged the Alaska Supreme Court to uphold a lower court ruling which found the initiative to be constitutional, and allowed it to move forward to the 2020 ballot. The initiative, sponsored by Alaskans for Better Elections, is aimed at giving more power, more choice, and more …

OPINION: Ranked-choice voting: Will Alaska follow Maine’s lead?

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By Peter Brann (January 23, 2020) For many years, Maine’s gubernatorial election was held in the September of presidential election years. That made it a bellwether for the subsequent presidential election two months later, leading to the phrase, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Maine no longer conducts its gubernatorial election in September or even in presidential years. But …

Court Approves Better Elections Initiative Petition

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ANCHORAGE, AK (October 28,  2019) — The Superior Court today certified the Alaskans for Better Elections Initiative, clearing the way for signature gathering to begin. The ruling overturns the Division of Elections’ initial denial of their application—made on the advice of Attorney General Kevin Clarkson—and allows the initiative to move forward to appear on the ballot next year. “With the …

ADN – New ballot initiative seeks to change state elections

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(July 4, 2019) JUNEAU — A new three-part ballot initiative filed Wednesday with the state Division of Elections seeks to change Alaska’s election system and eliminate so-called “dark money” contributions in political campaigns. Under the new “ranked-choice” voting system, Alaskans would be able to state their preference for multiple candidates — ranking them in order, 1-2-3-4 — instead of choosing …